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So you might be thinking,
'what is hypnobirthing? And how does it work?'...


Very simply, hypnobirthing is a way of removing your fears about birth and increasing your relaxation and comfort in labour. 


We've all grown up being told and shown that giving birth is scary, painful and dangerous. So it makes sense that most people are afraid of giving birth.


What you might not realise that is that being afraid, or even a little bit stressed when you go into labour can have a detrimental effect on how you give birth. If you are afraid and anxious, you are likely to have a longer labour, experience more pain, and are potentially more likely to need medical interventions to assist the birth. 

Definitely not ideal. But hypnobirthing can help...

On a hypnobirthing course, we put together this knowledge of the biology of birth, what helps and what hinders it, and combine it with the psychology of how your mind works. It offers ways of reducing those subconscious fears (borrowing some self-hypnosis techniques to do this - hence the 'hypno' part), as well as giving you practical tools and techniques to use in labour to help keep you calm and relaxed - increasing your likelihood of a comfortable and 'straight-forward' birth.

It doesn't matter what type of birth you want, where you want to be or who you want with you. Hypnobirthing will help you to have a better experience no matter what path your birth takes. 


 I promise you it's not weird or woo woo. It's very logical, simple and easy to do too!