What is hypnobirthing?

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So, if you're new here, or you've only just come across hypnobirthing and don't really know what it is, this post is for you...

Hypnobirthing is simply a type of birth preparation.

It's based on the biology and psychology of what happens during the process of physiological birth.

It acknowledges the impact of fear, stress, and not feeling safe on the natural process of birth (basically this sabotages what your body is trying to do).

Your body thinks it isn't a safe time to birth your baby, so the process slows = longer, more painful birth, with medical interventions more likely.

Birth is instinctual & there are many things that contribute to how safe you feel in those moments, including:

  • our pre conceptions of what birth is like ( for most this will be something like how we see it on TV - i.e. flipping terrifying),

  • the environment we are in,

  • how we are treated by those caring for us,

  • unexpected changes to our preferred type/place of birth, unexpected medical issues etc.

All of these can send our sympathetic nervous system into overdrive, and if this happens, your chances of having a 'smooth, complication free birth' significantly reduces.

So peeps, you guessed it - this is where hypnobirthing birth preparation comes in.

  • You practice techniques in your pregnancy to change your perceptions of birth and reduce your fear of it.

  • You learn what type of environment is helpful for birth.

  • You learn how your body actually works during labour & what you can do to help your body feel relaxed and safe during labour.

  • You learn how to handle it when your ideal birth goes out the window.

All of this will significantly increase the likelihood of having a positive birth experience, rather than a painful, scary or traumatic one.

If this sounds ideal to you ( it should btw, it's the best thing I ever did for my own birth), then get in touch and we can chat about the different hypnobirthing courses I offer. Or click the link below to see the options on my website.

Lauren x

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