The top 5 benefits of Hypnobirthing

I trained to become a Hypnobirthing teacher because, after experiencing my own Hypnobirth with my second baby, I was blown away by the benefits it brought to my experience and my baby (before, during and after birth).

There are so many benefits to hypnobirthing that I really want to share, but here I’ve narrowed it down to my top 5.

Top 5 benefits of using Hypnobirthing:

1. Labour is usually shorter.

This is a biggy for me as I had a very long first birth, which led to exhaustion by the end. However, a hypnobirthing mum is much more likely to have a shorter labour. Shorter labour = more energy and an easier time after the baby arrives. Win!

2. Labour is usually more comfortable – even pain free for some.

Who wouldn’t be on board with this? Hypnobirthing mums often report experiencing a much more pleasant birth experience physically. A calm and relaxed mind and body leads to relaxed muscles, which means there is less tension, which means contractions or ‘surges’ are powerful rather than painful.

3. Medical interventions are less likely.

Hypnobirthing teaches us what our bodies and minds need in order to have the best physiologically natural birth. By embracing this knowledge and by using these techniques, the spiral of medical interventions (such as forceps, ventouse or caesarean) that often starts with induction becomes much less likely.

4. Your baby will arrive into a much calmer environment.

Hypnobirthing mums report feeling much calmer and in control throughout their labour and birth. It makes sense that this lovely feeling of calm is passed onto the baby upon their arrival. Interestingly, some mums have anecdotally claimed that their hypnobirthing babies have also been calmer and happier babies.

5. Dads / birth partners have a very important role to play.

Last but not least – perhaps my favourite actually. The whole of our medical system is set up around mum alone, yet it takes two to make the baby. Dads can often feel left out, like a spare part when it’s time for baby to make their appearance. Often they don’t know what to do with themselves in the room, or feel helpless when they can’t do anything to make things better for their partners. Well with hypnobirthing they can! They have a huge role to play being the supporter of the mother, protecting her space, communicating her wishes to others and helping her to create the desired environment for birth. And, because hypnobirthing dads know what they are doing, mum’s can often feel more confident because they supported by a confident partner.

Written by Lauren Clegg - Hypnobirthing teacher at CREATE CALM Hypnobirthing.

@createcalmhypnobirthing on Facebook and Instagram.






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