Recycling and eco-conscious pregnancy and early parenthood.

It was #worldrecyclingday on 18th March 2021 and I pulled together this post for my socials. I thought it would be nice to share it here too!

Here are a few ways I thought of that you can recycle and be more eco-conscious during pregnancy and early parenthood.

I am by no means an expert on this. And this is not an exhaustive list! These are just a couple of ideas but I'd love to know more if you have them!

Baby's produce a lot of waste! So if we can recycle or make more thoughtful choices then it can go a long way to reducing their impact 😉

Here's a few ideas:

🌟 Aim to buy maternity wear & baby clothes and products like the cot or pram from ethical / eco friendly companies. Or buy them secondhand. Some people feel a bit funny about secondhand clothes in particular. But honestly, maternity clothes get such little wear, that most of the things I bought at charity shops or online selling sites were pretty much brand new!

🌟Donate no longer used maternity wear or baby products to a local baby bank who will give them to a family in need. I didn't know these existed before I had my first baby.

🌟 Research which baby care products and pregnancy cosmetics have recyclable or sustainable packaging or are produced in a more eco conscious way and pick those ones to buy. Yes they are probably a bit more pricey, but *most* of us could probably afford it if we decided to prioritize it.

🌟Check if companies like @terracycleuk in your area take items to recycle that you can't normally through the council recycling - like used baby food pouches, pregnancy supplement packaging or old baby toys & products.

🌟Try reusable or biodegradable nappies and wipes. Reusable nappies are not for the faint hearted. But when the average newborn uses 10+ nappies EVERYDAY, maybe it's something to consider 🤔

🌟and one that I didn't include in the graphic - There's even now a biodegradable pregnancy test available from @meetlia ! Literally it launched this month. Sadly it's not currently available in the UK, just the US.

Please do comment with any other ideas that you have below.

Take care lovelies,

Lauren x

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