News - Create Calm reviewed by blogger Jenni from 'Chilling With Lucas'

Updated: Jan 6

The lovely Jenni from the blog 'Chilling with Lucas' - in which she shares what her and her family get up to in France (originally from Lancashire) - has reviewed my hypnobirthing power hour and Create Calm Mama bracelet and affirmation cards.

I did an online hypnobirthing power hour with Jenni - who was pregnant with her second baby - back in August 2021. I also sent her a set of affirmation cards and one of the birth bracelets that she chose from my Etsy shop.

Jenni had read a hypnobirthing book in her first pregnancy, but wanted a little bit more info the second time - hence the power hour.

You can read her review on her blog here:

And if you are interested in purchasing on of my birth bracelets or a set of my positive birth affirmation cards - visit my Etsy shop:

Or to have a look at the courses I offer click the button below or get in touch with me if you would like to discuss a tailored option like Jenni had.

Lauren x

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