Knowing this ONE thing could make your birth easier...

Hello Lovely!

Have you ever thought about the fact that your uterus is just a muscle? Random question I know - but there is sooooo much mystery about birth - it's seen as this scary unknown thing - that it can be really easy to overlook something as simple as the fact that - giving birth is MOSTLY just your uterus muscles tensing and relaxing, i.e. contractions. For the vast majority of time you spend in labour, you're not pushing a baby out. In fact, for most of it, your uterus muscles are contracting so that your cervix dilates, i.e. your cervix opens to make way for baby to get out.


Knowing this, i.e. that most of labour is pretty much a WORKOUT for your uterus muscles, can really help you to make it easier, because you CAN do something about it.

Think about it logically, if you were to do any other type of exercise, what would make it easier? What would your muscles need to work effectively?

All muscles need 3 things to work:

1. Oxygen

2. Water

3. Blood

Oxygen is your muscles fuel, it's their food. This is why learning great breathing techniques is essential, as breathing well in labour brings your muscles the fuel they need (I cover breathing techniques for contractions, and the pushing stage on my hypnobirthing courses if you'd like to learn these techniques).

Water and hydration are also essential. Therefore an easy tip to make labour less painful - keep sipping water to stay hydrated.

Your blood is the carrier for the fuel and oxygen supply that your muscles need. Therefore maintaining a healthy blood supply to the uterus will reduce pain levels and increase the effectiveness of your contractions - hopefully making your birth quicker because you dilate quicker. (If you want to know how you can maintain an effective blood flow to your uterus during labour, book a hypnobirthing course with me and I'll tell you all you need to know!).

So - how will this knowledge impact your labour? What will you now be putting into place in your birth plan to help your uterus muscles work comfortably and effectively? I'd love to know!

Hope this helps lovelies! See you in my next one, Lauren x

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