Isn't hypnobirthing for hippies? And other common hypnobirthing myths - busted!

Hypnobirthing classes in West Yorkshire, Leeds, Bradford, Huddersfield, Halifax and online.

Common hypnobirthing myths:

You will be in a trance /unaware when you give birth.

- you won't. You definitely won't.

It's a form of pain relief.

- not quite. It helps you manage the pain, and naturally can make child birth less painful. But it won't stop you feeling pain unfortunately.

You won't be in control.

- you definitely will. If anything, hypnobirthing helps you gain more control over your birth due to the birth education aspect of the course.

You will be hypnotised during the sessions.

- nope! Sorry, I'm not a hypnotist, or even a hypnotherapist. The classes are purely educational - I'll just teach you about birth, and what you can do to make it easier.

There will be chanting, singing, incense, etc.

- not in my courses.

It's just for the mum/pregnant person.

- definitely not, partners are definitely involved. There's even a section 'birth partners role'. They benefit hugely from this course too.

It's only for home births / water births.

- no, anyone having a baby can use it & it will help. I've had loads of clients, and only a few choose to birth at home or in water.

It's only for those wanting to avoid pain relief drugs.

- a big fat no. I would say 99.9% of people still opt for some form of pain relief to help them. Although, you might not need as much as you would have done if you hadn't done hypnobirthing.

It's going to be weird, woo woo, uncomfortable, hippy.

- Also no. But I'll let you be the judge of that ;)

Lots of people have think of this image, or something along those lines when they imagine hypnobirthing. They think it will be weird, a load of mumbo jumbo, and not for 'people like them'.

I'm telling you now - hypnobirthing is for everybody...

It benefits you, your birth partner, your baby, your family, your support network, your friends, colleagues, anyone you encounter that is pregnant.

Are you intrigued? Lol.

If you want to find out more about how my hypnobirthing courses can help you..and all the other people listed have a better experience of birth, get in touch.

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Lauren xx

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