Hypnobirthing in Bradford - a positive birth story at BRI

I've got another lovely birth story to share with you today - very kindly sent to me by Clare who did my 1 day intensive hypnobirthing group course in Nov 2021.

Here's her story - a good one to demonstrate how hypnobirthing can still be helpful when your birth plan goes out the window!

'Our due date was the 23rd January, however our baby girl decided she wasn’t going to wait until then and she arrived 2 days ahead.

After a week and a half of false alarms, due to a urinary tract infection triggering some false labour signals, I started the day on Friday as normal - taking my older kids to school and using the peaceful house as a chance to catch up on some sleep when I got home. I had some mild cramps that morning but due to the amount of false alarms the previous week did not give them a second thought.

At around 12.30pm I woke from a nap to my waters breaking - lift off at last.

I got straight to the bathroom only to discover that little one had emptied her bowels as there was very clear signs of meconium.

As this was my third pregnancy I was well aware of what this meant and the possible complications it could cause. My main thought being at this point, my birth centre birth now not likely!

With the help of my partner Paul I was able to remind myself of the cycle affect of panic worry and fear on adrenaline levels and tried to keep that in the forefront of my mind to avoid that adrenaline kicking in too badly!

We headed straight to the hospital , unfortunately there was no time in my case for the relaxing baths and back rubs at home until things progressed, we were on our way and the contractions had started quite quickly after my waters.

The breathing techniques learnt with Lauren were put to the test straight away in the car on route to the hospital and I knew I needed to keep them at the forefront as it was evident by now this labour wasn’t going as I planned it to.

We arrived at the maternity assessment ward and I was examined and hooked to a trace machine straight away so they could keep an eye on the baby’s heart rate, due to the fact she had emptied her bowels. I was 3cm at this point and told I would be heading to labour ward.

I was kept in a side room for a while on assessment unit and relied only on the breathing techniques from hypnobirthing to get me through this stage, and they worked! I used the visualisation techniques also, getting my mind away from the hospital setting I did not set out for. By the time I was taken to labour ward I had reached 7cm (very quickly) all solely on the breathing.

At this point on learning I was progressing very quickly I started with gas and air and also accepted some pethidine (not in my birth plan but the rest of my birth plan had also gone out the window by this point) as I was desperate for the edge to be taken off. Looking back I also feel like pethidine relaxed me enough to be able to concentrate more on the hypnobirthing. It shut out the madness going on around me in the room. I was in my own little world.

Another hour of contracting and still just about managing to put my hypnobirth breathing to good use I was ready to push. 3 pushes later and baby was born at 4.50pm only 4 hours and 20 mins after my waters went.

Although my birth did not go to plan I hope it is a good example of still being able to take the key parts of Hypnobirthing and being able to apply them in a different scenario to what you have mapped out in your mind.

By constant reminders to myself that I could absolutely do it and my body was made to do this, along with visualisation techniques and breathing exercises, I absolutely believe hypnobirthing made this whole experience much easier.

I signed up originally due to extreme anxieties over giving birth and will say that the preparation for birth and practices of hypnobirthing before the big event benefitted massively in easing the anxiety once things started.

Plus, I was speaking to Paul about it and said how it all went a bit off plan and didn’t get to put a lot of it into place, but then he reminded me how beneficial I found it personally in the lead up to the birth as I suffered such bad anxiety about the impending birth.

Thanks Lauren!

Love from Clare, Paul (and baby!)

Thank you so much Clare and Paul for allowing me to share your story, and congratulations on the birth of your beautiful baby girl!

If you think a hypnobirthing course would help you prepare positively for your birth, and give you the tools you need to make it easier like Clare did, then click the button below to have a look at the different courses I offer.

Lauren x

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