Hypnobirthing Hospital Birth - a positive birth story in West Yorkshire

Rachael has very kindly shared her positive birth story with us. She gave birth 3 days before Christmas 2021!

Hypnobirthing in West Yorkshire

Our baby arrived one day after his due date on 22nd December (also his Daddy’s Birthday) . I’ve attached a picture of the little man for you.

My labour and birth went just as I’d hoped and I strongly believe what we learnt with you on the course really played a part in this.

My contractions started naturally at around 12pm on my due date, period like pains to start with, getting gradually stronger and more frequent as the day went on. We remembered what you said about trying to stay at home for as long as possible so I used the breathing techniques to manage the contractions and also used an app to time them. It was 11pm before we rang triage who asked me to go in to be assessed. On arrival at triage I was only 2cm-3cm dilated so I was sent home to relax. I was a little disheartened by this but understood home was the best place for me at that time. We headed home, I had a long soak in the bath, and continued to breath through the contractions until they became a lot more intense which is when we returned to triage at 11am the following day.

I was told I was making good progress and that they wouldn’t be sending me home again which I was delighted with. I was moved into a room in the birth centre which had a pool and low lighting which was just perfect. I laboured in the pool for the majority of the time which really helped the pain, alongside gas and air and breathing techniques. At one stage, my midwife asked me to leave the pool so that she could assess me but as soon as I stood up and left the pool I could feel baby was on their way. Baby arrived about 30 minutes later on the bed as I didn’t have the energy to get back in the pool unfortunately but I was just so pleased he’d arrived safely. I still can’t believe I gave birth to my first baby using only gas and air, although I did suffer a minor tear as he entered the world so quickly! My midwife complimented me on my breathing which I have you to thank for. Gary was also the best birthing partner I could have wished for. Although understandably nervous, from your course he felt confident in what was happening and how he could support me, I couldn’t have done it without him.

Thank you again, we would not hesitate to recommend your course to friends and family.

Happy New Year .

Rachael & Gary

Thank you so much Rachael and Gary for sharing your experience with us. I really appreciate it, and huge congratulations on the birth of your beautiful baby boy. What an amazing Christmas present eh?

You can find more positive birth stories like this one on my blog. Take care, Lauren x

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