Hypnobirthing at LGI - a positive birth story in a Leeds Hospital

Nicola has very kindly shared her positive birth story with us. She gave birth at Leeds General Infirmary in November 2021.

Hypnobirthing in Leeds at LGI

Our baby arrived on Saturday morning.

We were booked to have the induction on Friday. When they did a check they said I was 2cm dilated and they were picking up some contractions and they’d be able to break my waters but I needed to wait until there was space on the delivery ward.

Luckily we were able to go home to relax whilst we waited for space. This turned out to be the best thing as whilst relaxing at home things progressed naturally! We stayed at home until contractions were strong and regular. When we got back to hospital we were 4cm dilated and had no need for any induction.

When we first went in the room the midwives were very chatty and the environment felt awful. But Yusef did a great job of turning off the lights, setting up our candles and he gave the birth preferences to the midwifes. This completely changed the midwives approach and they were then really quiet, put a sign on the door to warn people we were hypnobirthing and it was amazing. In general I was left to things, only issue being that they had to check my blood sugars every hour (due to gestational diabetes) which they did without really giving consideration to whether I was in the middle of a surge or not. I hadn’t realized they would need to check blood sugars during labour so that was frustrating.

Anyway, that aside, I felt in control and definitely as if I could do things using my own instinct. The biggest shock for me was when I had been 5cm dilated at my last check (and they mentioned that if things hadn’t progressed in 2 hours they would need to talk to me about interventions to speed it along, to which I said I wanted them to leave me as long as possible) and then within 1 hour my waters suddenly broke, I then felt a change in my surges and felt like I needed to push downwards (and I felt very emotional) and I said to the midwife I felt like I needed to push (I wasn’t sure if it was too soon) and she just said to do what feels natural and with the next push her head came out!

The experience was amazing and even though it was painful I felt completely in control and didn’t need any pain relief (completely different to my first where I had all pain relief options)

I definitely think it was down to the hypnobirthing techniques- I listened to the mp3s the whole time in the hospital, I repeated the positive affirmations over in my head and Yusef was a great support with drinks, snacks and creating a good environment.

We have also had a great experience with breast feeding well and feel this is down to hypnobirthing and that we felt much more relaxed and in control in the hospital. So we wanted to say a massive thank you to you for the sessions and advice.

Thank you so much Nicola and Yusef for sharing your birth story and I'm so glad you had such a positive experience.

I would love to help you to have a great birth experience like this one. Get in touch with me via email if you would like more info, or take a look at the hypnobirthing courses pages of my website for more info and to book.

Lauren x

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