How to get you partner on board with hypnobirthing.

You've heard people say good things about hypnobirthing, but your partner's just not on board...

You'd like to give it a try, but they're not convinced... I completely get it. The name 'hypnobirthing' does sound a bit weird and hippy - but it's really not.

Here's what you can tell your partner to get them on board with hypnobirthing... Hypnobirthing is for birth as sports psychology is for sports.

Most people can relate to this can't they?

The foundation of hypnobirthing is an understanding of how the female body works to give

birth. We know what things have a physiological impact on it, what things will help it go smoothly, and what things can make it more difficult for you.

This is just biology.

So hypnobirthing simply teaches you what you can do physically to make giving birth easier. Great!

We then apply a positive mindset in the approach to birth because we know the power of the mind.

Sports psychologists know the power of the mind too. That's why they spend months working with athletes to 'get their head in the game', and why coaches do pep talks to their teams before matches. To get them in the right frame of mind where they believe they will win, it's inevitable.

They know the impact of a little bit of doubt and fear on sports performance.

It is exactly the same in birth. Hopefully, thinking of hypnobirthing as ' birth psychology' will be something your partner can relate to, and this will make them jump right on board.

There's a rea

son football teams spend massive amounts on this stuff! Because it works!

My hypnobirthing course is positive birth preparation that will transform your birth experience into something amazing and memorable. You will feel as prepared to give birth as Ronaldo is to play for Juventus! (Thank you husband for this reference 😉).

If you would like to know more feel free to get in touch or book with only a £50 deposit!

All the loves, Lauren 🥰

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