How to create a birth vision board

Updated: Jan 2

Have you thought about creating a birth vision board but you're not sure where to start? Or maybe you've found your way to this blog and you're wondering what on earth a birth vision board is!

If you're not sure what it even is - a vision board is basically a mood board or collage. To create your birth vision board, you create a collage of pictures and words including all the things that you would like for your dream birth experience.

The idea is that it acts as a visual reminder of your goals to help you focus on them.

When you think about it, we all spend time visualising our babies arrival. We dream up the perfect nursery, the beautiful clothes they will wear, the gorgeous teddy and blanket, the days out on maternity leave. Yet when it comes to the actual birth, we AVOID thinking about it at all costs because usually we believe it's going to be unpleasant.

By choosing to seek out positive images instead, and words that represent what our dream birth looks like, it can change how we feel about giving birth and help us to start looking forward to it. Even potentially manifesting it into reality.

How do I make a birth vision board?

You could create a digital one like I did using programs such as Canva (p.s. Canva is just THE best thing since sliced bread. If you don't use it already - get on it!). Or you could create an actual real life version (I know, who would have thought!) using paper and cuttings from magazines etc.

Try to fill it with images that represent what you would like your ideal birth experience to be like. Whether that's physically what it will be like (i.e. you could have a picture of a birth pool if you want a water birth), or the general vibe or feeling you want to channel i.e. pictures that represent calm or tranquillity. You can also add words, text or thoughts that capture the feeling too.

Some more ideas:

  • images of your ideal birth space i.e. home, birth pool, lighting, birth centre, essential oils etc

  • comfort techniques you might want to use i.e. breathing, tens etc

  • images representing who might be present, i.e. partner, other family, a trusted midwife or doula.

  • addressing your senses - the smells, sounds, tastes you would ideally like around you.

  • words representing how you would like to feel when you give birth, i.e. calm, connected, in control, respected, happy, euphoric, safe etc.

You could even get creative and let your artistic juices flow by illustrating or writing on it yourself.

If this sounds daunting - don't worry! It doesn't have to be anything fancy, it could just be a simple collection of a few photos that represent the general birth vibe you are after.

Once you're made your masterpiece, pop it somewhere that you will see it on a daily basis and it will prompt you to think of your ideal birth. This could be on your wall, fridge, mirror, laptop screen saver, mobile home screen etc.

Make sure you look at it everyday. Just before bed is a great idea, as your mind will spend time processing and taking in what you saw whilst you are asleep, helping it to absorb into you subconscious.

Why should I create a Birth Vision Board?

You might be wondering why anyone would bother and think it sounds like a bit of a faff. However there are some lovely benefits of creating one so I would urge you to give it a try.

1. Visualising your dream birth can actually be very effective at reducing your anxiety and fears about it. The more familiar we are with something, the less scary it seems. And seeing your birth board everyday will make it super familiar!

2. Also your brain doesn't know the difference between a real event and a visualised event. Therefore the more times you have visualised your birth, the more you are tricking your brain that you have done this before, the less afraid of it you will become.

3. It acts as a focus for your goals and helps you stay on track with what you are trying to achieve and how to get it. i.e. you want to have a positive, calm birth, so you need to practice your hypnobirthing / birth preparation techniques.

4. It's just a lovely thing to do when you're pregnant. Anytime spent focussing on you and your baby in pregnancy is good for you in my opinion.

5. Birth doesn't have to be unpleasant, it can be lovely. And by creating a vision board and focussing on those positive images of birth, instead of the negative ones we normally see, we are reprograming our mind - showing it that birth can be good, and we don't have to fear it. (Fear has a detrimental affect on your actual labour. The more afraid you are, the more likely you are to feel more pain and it to take longer because fear inhibits the production of essential birth hormones you need to make it quick and comfortable).

I hope you found that helpful lovelies! Let me know what you think - will you be making a birth vision board?

If you've read this blog post and it's made you think - well I wouldn't even know where to start, I don't know what my birth could be like and what to visualise to make it positive - why not book one of my hypnobirthing courses. I cover all of that AND MUCH MORE!! Click the button below ...

Lauren xxx

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