Create Calm Hypnobirthing featured in Isabella & Us magazine...

AHH! I received my copy of the Isabella & Us Positive Wellbeing Zine for Mums yesterday and my article is in it!

I had been thinking a lot about the topic of loss of identity that I think a lot of women experience when they have their first baby.

Then I saw @isabella_and_us asking for article submissions and I decided to go for it and pitch this topic.

I talk about loss of identity when I became a mum and how coming back to making jewellery, running my own business, and making time for myself, alongside other things, has helped me get a sense of my self back again.

If you get the magazine, I hope you enjoy it. Maybe it might resonate and help a little if you've sometimes felt the same.

It feels very strange to see my name written in a magazine - obviously in a good way ☺️

Lauren Xxx

Ps. You can buy this magazine on the Isabella & Us website and it's edition 15 all about 'self-care' for mums. It's a beautiful magazine, all about wellbeing in motherhood.

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