Christmas gift ideas for pregnant women 2020

Gift ideas for mums-to-be

So you’re friend or loved one is expecting a baby – congratulations, that’s great news!

But now you’re thinking 'what should I get them for Christmas'?

You want to treat them to something special and meaningful that you know they would really love – especially after the year we’ve had!

So if you’re looking for a pregnancy gift for your special someone, that will actually be useful to them whilst they are still pregnant, here are a few ideas to help you out…


Smaller gifts and stocking fillers for pregnancy:

1. A pregnancy or childbirth bracelet

My first idea is a ‘pregnancy’ or ‘childbirth’ bracelet.

What’s that you ask? Well, you can buy bracelets made of gemstones and crystals that are said to have specific properties that help with the symptoms of pregnancy or ease those of childbirth.

Regardless of whether you believe in the properties of the crystals or not, I think this is such a lovely idea to have a special piece of jewellery specifically for your pregnancy or birth. It can become a lovely keepsake memento of that special time, and treasured for years to come.

Your loved one would know that you had really considered how it feels to be pregnant right now, and what they might need that could help them. What a lovely and thoughtful pregnancy gift this would be!

Shameless plug alert – I make these! You can purchase them here or get in touch with me for more info.

2. A scan photo frame

When you’re pregnant (in the UK) you will be automatically offered at least two bump scans, and often you get given or can purchase the photo afterwards. It’s such a special little photo – your first views of your tiny baby, a window into their little world.

And what better way to treasure it than to display it in a dedicated frame. Here are a couple of nice ones..

3. A pregnancy journal

Time flies when you are pregnant, until you hit your ‘due date’, and then it goes at a snail’s pace! But what better way to capture all the milestones and memories of your pregnancy than with a dedicated pregnancy journal.

I think this is such a lovely idea, particularly for someone that already loves mindfulness and journaling.

Feel the Glow Affirmations is a company local to me that do a really lovely one, and this year they have made a special gift set which includes pregnancy affirmation cards as well as the journal. As I completely encourage shopping small and local, I thought I'd flag them here to check them out!

4. Pregnancy tea gift

If your pregnant mama loves a cuppa, then a pregnancy tea gift might be the way to go!

You could make up your own hamper (remember they need to be decaff!), or you could take a look at one of the many companies that sell dedicated teas for pregnancy and motherhood.

HotTea Mama is a company that do just this, and conveniently they do gift sets too!

(Note this is not a sponsored link, just a company I've personally used).

5. A pregnancy birth book:

You could treat your special pregnant person to something a bit more educational in the form of a pregnancy or birth book.

As a hypnobirthing teacher I would obviously recommend some hypnobirthing books such as 'The Hypnobirthing Book' by Katharine Graves, or 'Practical Ways to Make Your Birth Better' by Siobhan Miller. But a really, really great one that I recommend to all my clients is ‘The Positive Birth Book’ by Milli Hill. It’s a really great guide, easy to read and will utterly revolutionise how you see childbirth (for the better).

6. Bump balm

Or any other dedicated pregnancy cosmetic product for that matter.

Companies like Burts Bees, Neal’s Yard, Cow Shed and The Natural Birthing Company (although I would always encourage you to shop small and locally, especially this year) do some lovely bump balms that give much needed nourishment to the ever-expanding bump and help to prevent stretch marks.

And if you’ve got a bigger budget:

7. A pregnancy subscription box

So we all know that monthly subscription boxes have become ‘a thing’ ever since Birch Box set up their cosmetics one. And if you’ve got a bit more of a budget, there are now some lovely ones dedicated to pregnant people too!

I did a quick browse and found these.

And if you’re after an eco version.

8. Hypnobirthing classes

Again, another shameless plug from a hypnobirthing teacher! But what better gift for a pregnant person than a way to help them have a better experience when giving birth.

Hypnobirthing classes will help them to look forward to giving birth, to feel excited about it, remove any anxieties they have, and give them the best chance of having the positive experience that they want. Not only that, the classes are a treat to experience with the relaxations included. Giving the gift of some hypnobirthing classes is giving them some time out to focus on themselves and their pregnancy – a real treat!

Find out more about my different hypnobirthing classes here.

9. A maternity photo shoot

*And finally* - If this is their kind of thing, and you’ve got the budget, then a really lovely gift idea that you might not have thought of is a maternity photo shoot.

I never had one with either of my pregnancies – I never even considered it as it wasn’t really ‘my bag’. However, looking back I think it would have been really lovely to have some special photographs of me with a bump. Your body changes so much in pregnancy, and you can quickly forget what it felt like to have that special bundle inside once you give birth. A memento such as a dedicated bump pic could bring back all the memories to treasure.

So that’s my list, I hope you found this helpful! Give it a like if you did. And let me know below if you had any other ideas!

Note* All of the suggestions here are simply my own opinions. The links are not sponsored or ads.

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