A Hypnobirth In Bradford - Positive Birth Story at Airedale Hospital

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

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I thought I would share this lovely,

quick birth story. Just for a bit of context, this lovely mama already had anxiety before she became pregnant, and her anxiety became more severe during pregnancy. She was extremely worried about giving birth, in particular she was concerned that she would be 'overcome with it' during labour, and have a panic attack.

Knowing this, when she sent me the story below I was over the moon as you can imagine!

Hypnobirthing at Airedale Hospital near Bradford:

'Our little girl arrived on 20.4.21 at 12:47am after arriving at hospital just 45mins earlier. Overall labour was really good. During early labour I went out for lunch & a walk in the sunshine with family, using breathing techniques & positive thinking to have a lovely day out.

Things progressed quite quickly on Monday evening, affirmations really helped in the bath & I tried to do the calm breathing although rather noisy breathing tended to take over and I'm sure the whole street was woken up as we left for hospital.

I was 9cm when we arrived! The midwife said afterward that I would have been fine with a home birth as we’d managed it so well at home.

Thank you so much for everything you shared on the course & how you personalised it so well to tackle our personal fears & thoughts - I really think it made all the difference & ensured I had a positive birth experience. I’d say I enjoyed it & I’d definitely do it all again'

This story, to me, demonstrates just how powerful hypnobirthing can be! Here is someone that was previously terrified about giving birth - that spent the day in labour going for lunch and a walk with family.
It truly is transformational!

To find out how you can prepare for a positive birth like this one, and transform your birth into something amazing and memorable for all the right reasons, take a look at the different hypnobirthing courses and one to one packages I offer!

To read more about the maternity services available at Airedale Hospital visit their webpage here.

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