A hypnobirth at Pinderfields Hospital, West Yorkshire

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

Hi lovelies,

today I wanted to share my birth story over here on my blog. The more positive birth stories we read and hear, the more we normalise a positive birth and let women know that it doesn't have to be horrendously painful and awful, like most women are raised to believe.

So have a read of mine below....

Hypnobirthing at Pinderfields Hospital in Wakefield (but mostly at home!)

The birth of Rory, Hospital Birth

When Rory decided to enter the world it was 9:45pm and me and my husband had just sat down to watch some tv when I felt a gush of water as I went to sit up. 'Love,' I said to my husband, 'I think my waters have just broken'.

Despite the fact that it was a bit earlier than expected, and we were not ready (the hospital bag wasn't even packed), I felt completely calm, and kept remembering one of the hypnobirthing affirmations 'my baby will come when my baby is ready'.

We called my mum to come and watch my eldest son, and whilst we waited I began to get the hospital bag ready. During this time the surges started, and I used the 'upbreathing' techniques to help with the discomfort, and made sure to keep upright and moving the whole time. I also had a warm shower which helped to calm and relax me.

It took us about an hour to get ready for the hospital, and I was so calm that I hadn't really noticed that my surges had started to become pretty close together. It was only as we were getting in the car that my husband said he thought there had only been 2 minutes between the last two. I had been so focused on my breathing and repeating my affirmations that I hadn't realised. We put the hypnobirthing MP3 on in the car, both of us repeating 'my baby will come when my baby is ready' over and over as I breathed through each surge.

When we got to Pinderfields hospital the midwife examined me and told me that I was already 8cm dilated - I couldn't believe it! From there I was taken straight through to a delivery suite.

I told the midwife that I didn't want to be on my back, I wanted to be upright - so she helped me up onto the hospital bed where I leaned on my knees over the backrest. At this point I felt I needed some additional help with the pain relief and asked for gas and air. The midwife then told me that I needed to start pushing. Again I couldn't believe it, it felt like I had only just arrived at the hospital, I couldn't be ready to push already! But sure enough I felt the change in my surges that I hadn't noticed in my first labour due to the various interventions.

I used the 'down breathing' technique when I noticed the change as it felt so natural, even though the midwife was telling me to bear down and push. Within 3 of the 'down surges' my baby was born. That last part of my labour was unreal - it really felt like my body just took over and birthed my baby.

As I sat back down on the bed and the midwife handed me my newborn son, I couldn't believe what had just happened and how different it had been to the birth of my first son.
The labour had lasted 2 1/2 hours from my waters breaking to giving birth, a stark contrast from the 26 hours with my first son. And on top of that I felt absolutely amazing afterwards, on cloud nine!

I honestly believe that using the hypnobirthing techniques transformed Rory's birth into such a positive experience. I was so relaxed throughout, and I believe that this, combined with remaining upright, forward and open throughout the early and later stages, helped the labour progress so quickly and become the calm and empowering experience that it was.

If you would like to learn the techniques to transform your birth into an amazing experience instead of an awful and scary one, take a look at my hypnobirthing courses by clicking the link below. Lauren xxx

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