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Learn the essential knowledge and techniques for a calm and comfortable birth with my hypnobirthing antenatal classes in West Yorkshire.

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Read on for more info about what's involved and what's included when you book a course with me. 

What happens on a hypnobirthing course?

What to expect from my hypnobirthing courses?


Whether you choose a group course or a private course, I aim to make my courses fun, relaxed and interactive. There's nothing worse than a boring course where someone just talks at you. So mine aren't like that! I mix it up with a couple of activities, videos, demonstrations & actual practice of techniques, like breathing and massage.

What will I learn on a hypnobirthing course?

On my hypnobirthing courses I will share with you how to:

  • remove fear and anxiety about childbirth

  • help make the sensations of labour more manageable 

  • create a birth environment that helps your birth rather than hinders it

  • feel calm, confident and in control of your birth

  • understand how your body works to birth your baby - this is more important than you think!

  • work together with your birth partner to get that baby out as a team! They will know exactly what they can do to help you once they've done this course - they will not be a spare part feeling helpless at your birth.

  • have a unique opportunity to bond with your partner and baby during the sessions and relaxations

  • feel informed and empowered about your birth options

  • cope with any unexpected changes to your birth preferences in a positive way

  • create your birth plan and preferences

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"Not only was Lauren professional and knowledgable, she was also understanding when my little boy decided he wanted to join the session!! Lauren took it all in her stride and provided a knowledgable and informative hypnobirthing class. Lauren was also able to make the sessions interactive.
I have also attended some zoom relaxation evenings with Lauren, I look forward to a relaxation evening and it always leaves me feeling happy and relaxed."

Steph, Leeds

The good bit! - what's included with the course...

Create Calm Hypnobirthing Positive Birth
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"I have really enjoyed the relaxation sessions. It’s great to have that dedicated time booked in the diary to supplement my own practice, and also useful to have those opportunities to check-in with you for any questions." Rhiannon, Leeds

If you book any of my hypnobirthing courses, this is what you will receive as well:

  • a FREE copy of the hypnobirthing client workbook, specially designed for this course that you can't buy in the shops!

  • a pack of 10 positive birth affirmation cards

  • a selection of FREE hypnobirthing MP3's and scripts

  • access to a drop box that I have personally put together full of useful resources, birth info, video links, and a few discount codes too!

  • ONGOING SUPPORT throughout pregnancy up to the birth of your baby (and beyond actually! feel free to ask me about breastfeeding, bottles, nappies, all of it! I've done it all!)

PS. are you part of an NCT group or have a pregnant friend?
If you'd like me to host a private class in your home I can offer a discount for private group bookings! Just get in touch!

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