Learn how to birth your baby calmly and comfortably in a relaxed & fun social setting.

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Upcoming Group Hypnobirthing Course Dates

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'You'll leave this group course feeling confident and excited to give birth'

Sunday 12th June 2022

9:30am - 4:15pm

Venue: Private residence in Birkenshaw, BD11 2BY

£145 per couple

(you & your chosen birth partner)

Plus you can book with just £50 deposit.

These dates don't work for you? Why not get in touch about a private hypnobirthing course arranged for a date to suit you. 

Or if you have a pregnant friend or pregnancy group - I offer 25% discount for private group bookings. 

See the 'one to one' hypnobirthing courses page for more info.

Group hypnobirthing course - the essential info...

  • My 1 day intensive group course includes 6 hours of face to face teaching time (+ 45 mins for lunch), plus some short pre-recorded video trainings to access in your own time before and after the in person session. 

  • The in person session for the June course will be held at a private home in Birkenshaw, BD11. This is a lovely, spacious home with great facilities, parking and a downstairs loo. You can enjoy all the benefits of home comforts, cups of teas and comfy seating whilst learning some amazing birth info! 

  • This course is friendly, relaxed and fun! (well I think so! Hehe). I really want you to have a good time on my course and enjoy yourself - even have a laugh! And make some parent mates if that's what you're hoping for! 

  • You won't just be sat down listening to me talk - well, not all the time! My courses include some practical activity and actual practice of techniques too. 

  • Birth partners are just as involved as mum! Don't worry birth partners - you will not just be sat there listening at the side. This course is as much about you as it is about her!

  • And don't worry if you're a single mummy or your partner won't be with you at the birth. Just come on your own or bring whoever you want supporting you through the birth process.

What's included with this course?

  • 6 hours face to face teaching time

  • Pre-recorded video trainings to access before and after the in person training day

  • The chance to meet other expectant parents in the West Yorkshire area

  • A copy of the hypnobirthing workbook worth £10

  • A set of Create Calm Mama positive birth affirmation cards worth £12.99

  • A selection of hypnobirthing MP3's to download and keep

  • Specially designed Hospital Bag Checklist PDF, Practice Schedule and Birth Plan/Preferences template PDF

  • Access to a dropbox PACKED FULL of amazing resources about everything birth related (I've basically done all your research for you)

  • Ongoing support from me right up to the birth of your beautiful baby (and after actually!) Feel free to drop me an email any time, I'm always up for a catch up. 

Note: See the main hypnobirthing courses page to find out what you'll learn on this course.

All of this!

Sounds amazing right?

Here's what some recent mums from my group course have said about it...

Sonya, Bradford

After completing the course with Lauren, I feel a thousand times more positive and now in a place where I am feeling calmer and more positive about the labour process.

Lauren is hugely relatable, speaks in a very engaging way and takes the time to listen. I would recommend Lauren to anyone! Thank you again Lauren xx

Zoe, Leeds

The course was priceless for us. I hadn’t done hypnobirthing with my other two babies and those births were hard and traumatic. This was a whole new experience and It’s ended up being one of my most treasured experiences! It works, we can honestly say we enjoyed my sons birth. 

Alice, Keighley

We learned so much from the course and especially enjoyed learning about what birth partners can do both to help and be involved in the birth. Prior to the course I had assumed that he wouldn’t be ‘allowed’ much involvement but I now realise that his involvement is completely up to us! We often felt after the sessions that we had learned a lot without even really noticing it!

It would be lovely to have you join me on one of my hypnobirthing and pregnancy classes! Lauren x

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