Well, I want to say a big yes! But it kind of depends on what you think hypnobirthing does...

Hypnobirthing works by helping you to remove any conscious and subconscious fears or negative beliefs you have about what giving birth is like. It also arms you with information about what to expect during your labour and birth and from the maternity system. And it gives you tools and techniques to enable you to remain calm and relaxed throughout the whole thing! 

So if you want to know if hypnobirthing works to help reduce your fear of birth, make you more informed about birth, and help you feel relaxed during birth, then yes it definitely does!

If you are asking if hypnobirthing will magically make giving birth straightforward and pain free - then sorry I can't promise you that!

Although some women have reported having a pain free birth using hypnobirthing! But most say that it reduces the pain or helps them to manage the sensations of labour. 


I generally recommend anytime from 20 weeks in pregnancy. Given the choice, I would advise doing the course earlier rather than later so that you have more time to practice and you can enjoy the benefits during your pregnancy as well as at the birth of your baby. 


No! You will not be hypnotised. 

Hypnobirthing is NOT stage hypnosis. Real hypnosis is just being in a very relaxed state of being, like meditation I guess. 

On the course I will teach you the syllabus through a variety of methods: some things I'll just tell you, dare I say I sometimes use slideshows! (not too many, don't worry). Some things are learned through group activities or discussion, there are a couple of demonstrations and actual practice of things like massage techniques. We watch a couple of videos, and yes, I will read a couple of the hypnosis scripts. These are basically just like guided relaxations, so if you've never done anything like that before, it might feel a bit weird the first time. Personally I love them, and most people come away saying they were their favourite bit!

So, nothing too weird after all! Hehe!


I really recommend that you bring your birth partner with you, whoever they are, as they play a really important role in the birth of your baby. It's just easier if they learn the techniques and information at the same time as you, rather than you having to tell them everything afterwards.

However you can definitely attend on your own if you wish! and I have taught mum's on their own before; either because their partner couldn't attend due to work, other commitments or illness, or because they would be birthing on their own.


When people ask me this I often compare it to fitness and exercise. Why do people go to personal trainers, or an exercise class, as opposed to exercising at home or doing an exercise video?

With in person sessions, you have the direct knowledge and expertise of the teacher, who is there to guide, encourage and support you throughout your whole pregnancy and birth journey, not just for the time you do the classes. You can ask questions, and get tailored information or advice based on your specific pregnancy / birth / plans or circumstances.

Another benefit is it also adds an element of accountability, as you tend to be more invested in the practice if you have attended actual in person sessions.
How many times have you sat and read a book, fully intending to implement the things you've learned, but then forgotten about it or not got round to it? I know I have!

I think it's great that there are hypnobirthing books, podcasts, and e-courses available because it means that some knowledge is accessible to all no matter what their budget. But if you do have the budget, it might be worth looking into in person sessions in order to get the most out of it.


I am not a specialist in the field of birth trauma, (and just to clarify, I am referring to experiencing trauma symptoms, such as PTSD, caused by a previous birth experience), but I would say if you have experienced birth trauma, then it's worth looking into specialist birth trauma therapy before having your next baby.

Hypnobirthing helps you to re-programme the way your subconscious mind perceives birth, to help reduce your fears of it, but this is very different to processing and dealing with traumatic birth memories, which is what trauma therapy does.

However, that's not to say that hypnobirthing won't be helpful for you if you have experienced birth trauma. Practicing hypnobirthing techniques can help ease birth anxiety, for example. But it's a good idea to do your research, making your hypnobirthing teacher fully aware of your trauma, and any specific triggers you have for it, so that these can be planned for and avoided during the hypnobirthing practice.

Have I answered your questions? Totally convinced and want to book a course?

Or scroll down for legal info...





Course fees are per family and cover you and your birth partner/s of choice.

One to one course payment is to be made by bank transfer. Group courses can be paid directly on the booking platform. You are welcome to pay in full at the time of booking, however a minimum £50 non-refundable deposit is required to secure your place on a course. 

The remaining full amount must be paid at least 48 hours prior the start of your course. If this payment is not received, Create Calm Hypnobirthing reserves the right to cancel your space on the course.

The course fee will be repaid promptly and in full if your baby arrives before the start of the course or in the very unlikely event of the course being cancelled. These are the only circumstances under which a full refund will be made.


No refund will be made if you cancel your place on the course less than 2 weeks before the start date. Should you cancel your place more than 2 weeks prior to the start date of your course, the course fee will be refunded minus a £50 deposit. 


If you commence a group course with set dates, and miss a session for any reason, you will still be liable to pay the full amount of the course and will not be offered any refund.


The only exceptions to this are where I need to cancel a course part way through, or where you give birth to your baby after you have started the course but before it finishes. Where either of these two circumstances occur, you will receive a partial refund totalling the amount for the missed sessions.


Where you do miss a session for any other reason than the two stated above, I will offer to carry out an additional session to make up for lost content, however this will be at an additional cost.


Using Hypnobirthing techniques is not a substitute for the advice of or the presence during birth or any part of pregnancy or labour of a qualified medical practitioner, midwife or obstetrician. It does not represent in fact or otherwise an alternative to appropriate medical care or for professional medical advice in any way shape or form.
Any questions or doubts that you have about the use of Hypnobirthing by you or any third party in any part should be discussed by you with your medical caregiver and the safety of or the appropriateness of this programme to you or any third party whom you represent be confirmed with your medical care giver prior to undertaking the programme.
Lauren Clegg and CREATE CALM Hypnobirthing accept no responsibility for the inappropriate use of Hypnobirthing techniques or complications or harm to any third party resulting from the use of Hypnobirthing techniques as a substitute for medical advice. Hypnobirthing is intended solely as an 'aid' to help increase the comfort of labour and birth and is not in any way a guarantee or promise of expected, imagined or actual outcome of the labour or birth in any way shape or form.
Participation in Hypnobirthing classes in any part or in total by any person or third party is undertaken with the understanding by any persons or third party that no litigtion or legal action whatsoever will be initiated or that no form of compensation or reimbursement or refund will be claimed or applied for at any time now or in the future against Lauren Clegg or CREATE CALM Hypnobirthing under any circumstances whatsoever.


All personal information that I hold about you is kept securely on a computer and, in accordance with the GDPR Act 2018, you have the right to view, amend or delete your individual file by giving not less than seven days' written notice. I treat your personal data with the utmost care and keep only relevant information to process your booking . I will not sell or give your information to a 3rd party.


Any recording or written material included as part of this course and all rights worldwide (including Intellectual Property Rights) relating thereto respectively are the sole property of Lauren Clegg, (Create Calm Hypnobirthing), Katharine Graves, KG Hypnobirthing Ltd, and Abby Watson (Love Your Birth), or others from whom such rights may be derived (whether or not protected by trademark and copyright laws) and may not be used other than for the personal use of the participant without obtaining prior written permission. The participant agrees not to record the course or any part thereof.