My goal is that you and your birth partner (whoever they are) will finish my course feeling calm, prepared, confident, empowered and excited to meet your baby.


I aim to make my courses fun, relaxed and interactive. 


How you'll feel after our course...

  • You'll know what type of birth you want.

  • You'll know what your birth options are.

  • You'll know how to manage when there's a change of plan.

  • You'll know how to help your body to birth your baby more easily.

  • You'll have all the tools you need to create a calm and positive birth experience. 

  • You'll feel confident and excited about giving birth.

  • You'll get to spend time relaxing and bonding with your partner and baby. It's pregnancy self-care!

  • Your birth partner will feel included and just as important as you. 

  • It will be the best investment you make in your birth experience. 

Lauren Clegg & new baby, Create Calm Hyp

On my hypnobirthing courses I will share with you how to:

  • remove fear and anxiety about childbirth

  • help make the sensations of labour more manageable 

  • create a birth environment that helps your birth rather than hinders it

  • feel calm, confident and in control of your birth

  • understand how your body works to birth your baby - this is more important than you think!

  • work together with your birth partner to get that baby out as a team! They will know exactly what they can do to help you once they've done this course - they will not be a spare part feeling helpless at your birth.

  • have a unique opportunity to bond with your partner and baby during the sessions and relaxations

  • feel informed and empowered about your birth options

  • cope with any unexpected changes to your birth preferences in a positive way

  • create your birth plan and preferences

a better way to give birth...