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Hello, I’m Lauren, I'm an antenatal hypnobirthing instructor, and I teach pregnant mamas and their birth partners the skills and knowledge they need to create a calm, confident and positive birth experience. 


I'm also a mum of two boys and a lover of chocolate and tea. I live in Cleckheaton, near Bradford, West Yorkshire, with my husband and two sons.

So how did I become a hypnobirthing teacher?...

Lauren Clegg and baby - Create Calm Hypn

My hypnobaby!

My hypnobirthing journey began when I became pregnant with my second son. My first birth experience had been less than positive and left me with a lot of anxiety about going through it all again.


I had heard lots of positive stories about hypnobirthing, so I decided to give it a try (I would have tried anything to be honest!).

The information I learned on the hypnobirthing course about the science of birth just made so much sense to me, and gave me a greater understanding of my first birth experience.


And the breathing and relaxation techniques were so simple and easy to do, that I thought ‘this is great! I can’t believe more women don’t know about this– it makes so much sense once you know it’.

My second birth was such a positive experience – a world of difference from my first one. It’s a cliché within the hypnobirthing world but I would actually say that I enjoyed it. Because of the hypnobirthing techniques I learned, I was so calm and present in the moment, without panic or fear. More than anything I felt like I could do it, I could manage the contractions, I felt in control.

I couldn’t believe the difference between the two birth experiences! It completely revolutionised my perception of giving birth, and decided that I was going to train to teach hypnobirthing as I feel so passionately about its benefits. 

I know that a positive birth is possible for you too!...

So in October 2019, when my very own hypnobaby was just 5 months old, I completed my hypnobirthing teacher training with the Katharine Graves School. And since then, I've gone on to complete additional hypnobirthing training with Love Your Birth, using essential oils for birth, and post natal planning training too.

Feeling like I smashed it after having my hypnobaby!

2019-08-28 04.22_edited.jpg
My teaching approach is relaxed, friendly, honest and (hopefully) fun.
My aim is that you and your birth partner will leave my courses feeling informed and confident about birth with practical tools to help you in your pregnancy and labour.
I am also really passionate about support for new families. So wherever I can I try to encourage social interaction and aim to build a community for the new parents taking my courses. 

Fun Facts About Me!

My wildchild boys 

In case you're interested in a bit more about me...

  • Prior to becoming a hypnobirthing teacher in 2019, I spent 8 years working for a national charity supporting people that had been affected by crime.

  • I also trained as a Person Centred Counsellor and practiced at Bradford University Counselling Service and Calderdale Women's Centre.

  • My favourite colour is sage green (most of the walls in my house are sage green, and those that aren't are on my list!)

  • I love jewellery - I am also a jewellery designer / maker and have a brand called Moon Sage Jewellery.

  • I'm a early bird. And a home bird. Although I would love to travel more and have a huge bucket list of places I'd love to go (when the kids are older maybe!).

Take care lovelies,

Lauren xxx