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Friendly, relaxed, no-nonsense hypnobirthing antenatal classes in Leeds, Bradford, Huddersfield & Halifax.


Birth preparation classes and support that leave you feeling confident and excited about giving birth...

Imagine giving birth to your beautiful baby, feeling calm, comfortable, in control, and able to actually enjoy it!

Imagine being supported in labour by your partner who is confident and knows exactly what they can do to help you.

Imagine spending the rest of your pregnancy feeling excited and looking forward to the moment when your baby arrives, rather than being scared about it.

This is what my hypnobirthing courses can help you to achieve.

Hypnobirthing isn't weird or woowoo - I promise there are no pocket watches in sight.

It really is just science- a bit of biology and psychology to help you get your baby out in a more positive way.

Lauren Clegg founder of Create Calm Hypn

Hello lovely, I'm Lauren...

...and I really want to help you have a calm, happy and positive birth!

I'm a mum, and just like you I wanted to find something that would help me to have a better experience of giving birth.

I found hypnobirthing without really knowing what it was, but it turned out to be one of the best things I ever did!

My own hypnobirth was amazing (you can read more about it here), and I became a hypnobirthing convert! 

I loved it so much that I decided to become a hypnobirthing teacher! So now I run hypnobirthing courses across West Yorkshire, and I love it!

I know hypnobirthing can make a huge difference for you. I would love to help you achieve your dream birth - whether that's a home birth, water birth, hospital birth or any other type of birth - however you want to do it, let's make it an amazing experience and one that you can look forward to!

Lauren x


Here is a quick video explaining a bit more about me, what hypnobirthing is and how my courses will leave you feeling confident and excited about giving birth!

Hello from Create Calm Hypnobirthing


Here's what previous clients have said about my courses...

Jess, Adam and Henry Hypnobirthing Coupl

Jess & Adam:

"We really enjoyed knowing what helps labour and what doesn’t. We would have never known this and it’s not something that the midwife or any other medical professional would have told us 

We would highly recommend the course, we have a completely different perception of birth now, it can’t come quick enough!"

Zoe's baby.png

Zoe & Stefan:

'The course was priceless for us. I hadn’t done hypnobirthing with my other two babies and those births were hard and traumatic. This was a whole new experience and It’s ended up being one of my most treasured experiences! This works, we can honestly say we enjoyed my sons birth'


'Overall labour was really good. Thank you so much for everything you shared on the course & how you personalised it so well to tackle our personal fears & thoughts - I really think it made all the difference & ensured I had a positive birth experience. I’d say I enjoyed it & I’d definitely do it all again

Claire & Samuel

Vani & Numesh

Thank you so so much for the course. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the course and was tearful at the end as did not want it to be last session. It was so much more than I expected and I think everyone who is expecting should have this course! 


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